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Maggie at The Mutiny

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The John Wick trilogy features a hotel called The Continental which most people naturally assume is a total fabrication conceived in the minds of the screenwriters. In fact, The Mutiny hotel in Miami’s Coconut Grove which closed its doors in 1989, served much the same purpose as The Continental, albeit with somewhat less inhouse gunplay. It was a safe haven for gangsters, hitmen, drug lords, black ops operatives, billionaires, and one very exclusive courtesan.

Maggie actually lived in a Mutiny suite overlooking South Bayshore Drive during the mid-eighties and, as a courtesan at the very pinnacle of her profession, was never short of very generous in-house clients who only had to take the elevator and walk a few steps to reach her suite. Although there was speculation as to why Maggie was the only courtesan living at The Mutiny, and how she maintained this advantageous position, no one really knew the answer; but it was whispered that it had something to do with the fact that her very first liaison had been with a man whose life could have been the model for the main character in the movie John Wick, and that he had impressed on the management that it would be in their best interest to accommodate her; if that was indeed the case, I don’t imagine they would have been likely to refuse him.

At a time when women's fashion and hairstyles were, to say the least, at a particularly low ebb, Maggie had adopted an unconventional casual chic look that set her apart from the fashion mainstream. It is a reflection of the utterly unflattering look that fashion designers and hairdressers propagated in those years that Maggie’s unconventional looks were so admired and appreciated by her wealthy clients. Although her stunning good looks were the primary magnet which men just couldn’t resist, it was her sublime character which enthralled them and left them wanting to see her again and again. Maggie could have been the model for what was, later on in the internet age, to become known as the girlfriend experience; she made all her clients feel special, and they all fell in love with her, or thought they did. In a brief two years at The Mutiny, Maggie accumulated a portfolio worth seven million dollars which was a fortune for a courtesan in the eighties, or even by today's standards for that matter. It was not all cash of course, there was a Mediterranean style villa in Coconut Grove gifted to her by a besotted billionaire, and so many expensive gifts of jewellery from other adoring clients; there was an incongruity in the latter because Maggie never much liked jewellery, wearing it only during liaisons and never in private. 

Early one Spring morning, on the spur of the moment, Maggie packed her bags and took a cab to Miami International. She bought a first class ticket on a flight to London where she took up residence at a boutique hotel called Blakes, which was and still is one of the smartest hotels in London. One of her clients had mentioned to her that there was a lady called Scarlett who lived in a pink house in a quiet residential street near Harrods in Knightsbridge. Scarlett was the madam to the super rich and the aristocracy in London during the eighties and could often be seen in the company of famous film stars and Arab Sheiks at casinos in London, often accompanied by a few of her girls, each one more beautiful than the last; Scarlett’s donations reflected the quality of her girls, whose hourly rate was in the region of five thousand dollars. Many of her girls also graced the covers of fashion magazines and some were even the daughters of aristocrats and business magnates. One of her favourite girls, Anna,  could only be booked for the weekend at the extraordinary rate of one hundred thousand dollars, and rarely had a weekend to herself. Hence, Maggie fitted the mould perfectly and soon became Scarlett’s most sought after companion.

There will be more of Maggie's adventures in London and around the world on a future edition of Spotlight, culimating in her most recent relocation to a penthouse on the the upper east side in New York overlooking Central Park.